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Emergency Gas Leak Repair in Glasgow

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Glasgow is a reliable and trustworthy company that offers top-notch plumbing services in Glasgow. We understand the importance of instantly fixing plumbing problems.

One major issue that we resolve for you is gas leakage. It is a serious and hazardous matter so when you smell any leaks in the gas supply system on your property, immediately contact us and we will reach you in no time.

Our licensed plumbers are experienced professionals who will quickly and efficiently solve any gas leak problems. We will safely detect and repair the gas leak, ensuring your family and property are 100% safe.


gas leak repair glasgow


Note: While you wait for the plumber, follow this important piece of advice from our experts:

  • Leave the area immediately
  • Avoid using any electrical devices
  • Avoid using any open flames
  • Turn off the main switch of the gas supply/ internal gas supply pipe
  • Open your windows and doors to get the fresh air inside
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Signs Of Gas Leak

If you,

  • Hear whistling or hissing sounds near your gas pipelines or gas appliances,
  • Notice any strange  performance of your gas appliances,
  • Experience unusually high gas bills,
  • Observe changes in the colour of the pilot light,
  • Or smell rotten eggs;

Then these could be signs of a potential gas leak. It’s essential to take immediate action and contact a professional for assistance.

How do Our Plumbers Perform Gas Leak Repairs?

Our professionals shut off the gas supply first to ensure your safety and then identify and fix the damaged gas line or fitting. They use specialized equipment to detect the exact location of the leak.

This may also involve cutting out the damaged section and installing a new pipe or fitting.

After the completion of a repair, our plumber will test for any remaining leaks to ensure everything is safe.

We recommend you hire our licensed and experienced plumber for gas leak repairs to ensure proper handling and safety precautions.

Gas Leak Repair Cost in Glasgow and Dunbartonshire

Gas leak repair usually costs anywhere from £150 to £380 in Glasgow. Gas pipe repair with materials and labour average costs about £350 while the repair only costs £180 on average.

But this is a rough figure. The total cost depends on the cost of the materials and the total time it takes to repair the gas pipe leak.

At 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Glasgow, we provide our service at a very reasonable price. In case of a sudden gas leak, we will reach out immediately and there will be no extra charges for call out during normal working hours.

Customer Reviews

Fast & Friendly

Burst water pipe in the wall on a Saturday. Had to switch the water off. They had a price for coming immediately or a lower price to wait till Monday. We went with the fast service. They were with us within two hours and had it fixed quickly. Friendly professional guys. Thank you.
- Shona Valdes

Excellent Service

Happy to recommend. They came out first thing on a Sunday morning to fix our boiler after we smelled gas. Best price of the companies we phoned.
- Stuart McKenzie

Good Service

Good service. We had a water leak that we couldn't switch off. Mus and his colleague were with us within an hour. Fixed the leak and replaced a broken valve and organized decorators to fix the water damage the next day. Happy customers.
- Sandra Phelps

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Can a gas leak be fixed?

Yes, a gas leak can be fixed by following a proper procedure. You’ll be looking at two ways to go about it; either repair it yourself or contact a Gas Safe registered engineer. The safest way is to let a professional plumber handle the repairs and ensure the safe sealing of the gas leak.

What is the solution to a gas leak?

Safety is the top priority in handling gas leaks. In the event of a gas leak turn off all naked flames and eliminate all sources of agitation. If a gas leak is indoors, open all windows and doors to allow fresh air in and disperse the gas. And again, hire a professional plumber.

What is the main cause of gas leaks?

There are several reasons for gas leaks but 3 main causes are degraded fittings in the gas lines and appliances, lack of appliance maintenance, and gas appliance malfunctions.

What are the procedures to follow in case of a gas leak?

  1. Evacuate the area and ensure everyone’s safety.
  2. Open doors and windows to ventilate the area.
  3. Call your local gas emergency hotline or the National Gas Emergency Service.

What not to do after a gas leak?

After you suspect a gas leak, avoid doing the following for safety:

  1. Do not use any electrical devices or switches.
  2. Do not light any matches or create any sparks.
  3. Do not attempt the gas leak repair yourself.
  4. Do not ignore the situation or delay in seeking professional help.

Can you tape a leaking gas pipe?

It’s quite dangerous to tape a leaking gas pipe. Gas leaks should be handled by a professional plumber to ensure proper repair and safety.

How long can a gas leak go unnoticed?

It may remain unnoticed for up to months. Gas leaks are subtle in smell. However, the sudden hike in your gas bill can help you identify the gas leak on your property.

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Beware! Gas leaks are very serious. If you feel any gas leak, call our emergency helpline at 0141 473 4783. We have experts available 24/7, and our experts arrive at your place as soon as possible. It’s best to call in the best experts at 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Glasgow for your gas leak repair.

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